December 23, 2018


Girls and glamour go hand in hand. When it comes to beautifying their look and spending time on themselves, girls have got no competition. They spend endless hours picking the right outfit and then hours in choosing the best-suited jewelry to go with the outfit. While chocolate diamond jewelry is easier to wear and flaunt, styling statement brown diamond necklaces is a challenge within itself!


Statement necklaces are chunky, bold and big. You must know the right ways to style it to come off as the fashionista you wish to be. Let’s have a look at 5 different attires to style your chocolate diamond necklace with, in a jaw-droppingly stunning way.


  1. Up Your Casual Attire Game With Ripped Jeans And A Leather Jacket

To make your style uber chic and cool, try pairing a tight black ripped jeans with a leather jacket, a plain white V-neck shirt underneath and a bold brown diamond necklace. Even though the necklace might be too bold, it can be used this way with your everyday outfits. You can even replace the jacket with a furry muffler in winters.


  1. Black Never Goes Out Of Style

Style your all-black outfit with a brown diamond bold necklace and beach waves in your hair. Black outfit is always an excellent idea and styling it with a chunky necklace will ensure an understated look alongside being extremely elegant.

  1. Bold Colored Gowns

Wear bold colored party gowns to special occasions with a delicate brown diamond necklace and earrings. Colors such as dark blue, emerald green, black, etc. look perfect with chunky necklaces. This will make your look festive without being over the top. You can even style delicate necklaces with short dresses in a solid color.


  1. Add Vibrance To Your Outfit For A Youthful Look

Although the sunny days are over for some time, it doesn’t mean you have to wear only dark and bold colors. You can wear woven white, beige or nude sweaters and style a chocolate diamond necklace to add a splash of color to your otherwise plain outfit.


  1. Matching Skirt

Try wearing a brown colored skirt with a plain beige top tucked inside and a bold brown diamond necklace. The look is best for a casual day out, to go to work or to go out with friends. You can pair the outfit with a beautiful heel and the dress becomes perfect for a date night.


Fill Colors To Your Wardrobe With Beautiful Chocolate Diamond Necklaces

Brown diamonds possess the unique quality that they look beautiful on every skin color. Since the color is deep and the surface shiny, it can even be worn to parties and weddings. Make your outfit gleam with beautiful chocolate diamond jewelry from Le Vian Corporation. Le Vian provides exquisite necklace designs that are intricate, beautiful and will look great on the majority of your outfits. Contact Le Vian to speak volumes with a bold statement necklace.

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