Chocolate Diamonds® Do Not Have Healing Properties

September 18, 2019

Chocolate Diamonds® Do Not Have Healing Properties

It is a known fact that colored diamonds are very rare and expensive. They are prized gemstones high demand in by jewelers and collectors. Among these colored diamonds the Chocolate Diamond® is a popular cut gemstone. Looking closely at the Chocolate Diamond® shows its clarity and quality well. However, there are many false statements about their healing properties in that are widely accepted.


The Source of Chocolate Diamonds®

A Chocolate Diamond® is also called a brown diamond, and it is one category of several colored diamonds in the world. Although once considered to be of low quality and not functional for jewelry, the Chocolate Diamond® is well liked nowadays. Chocolate Diamond® jewelry is made up of a wide range of styles, sizes and types. In fact the origin and source of the diamond is the Argyle mine which attracts some rumors about the healing properties of the diamond.

This usual occurring brown color is thought to be produced due to the earth’s force which is believed to inspire the power of growth, and manifest wealth and success. This is one of the many misconceptions about the Chocolate Diamond® amidst the belief that it enhances your moods and can cure your eyesight.


Physical Healing Energy

A Chocolate Diamond® has been said to be a master healer for its ability to unify the mind and body. This is true for all diamonds in general but people have used a Chocolate Diamond® as a support stone to purify and strengthen brain function. People believe that the diamond aids in balancing the brain hemispheres, and can combat a range of diseases. Chocolate Diamonds® cannot do any of this, neither will they cure constipation or urine retention no matter how much you keep them on your person.


Emotional Healing Energy

It is also believed that Chocolate Diamonds® can work directly on your emotional body, and that their intense energy may amplify your emotional state. Such power can be dangerous and that means they may need to be removed during bad times. Chocolate Diamonds® are also used therapeutically to help identify any emotional issues, and deal with them. While this is an interesting coping mechanism it is not scientifically accurate or proven.


Spiritual Healing Energy

For people who may have problems with their identity or self-worth and cannot understand their purpose, the Chocolate Diamond® is used as a spiritual healer. People claim that it brings a sense of radiance and cleanses their aura. Although such a practice may encourage you to look at the struggles and hardships of your life and face them, the diamond is not a magic stone from the mines. It cannot provide growth or help your nerves in high-pressure situations.


Meditation Healing Energy

Chocolate Diamond® crystals are said to be perfect transducers, which allow energies of spirit realms to be available to anyone who uses them. They are used in meditation, and placed on the Third Eye to facilitate the entry into meaningful visionary states. The fact of the matter is that this is not a “magical” occurrence and cannot heighten one’s psychic powers nor can it activate the energetic circuit between the two vital centers of your mind.


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