Already Obsolete And To-Be-Obsolete Technologies

April 9, 2018

Already Obsolete And To-Be-Obsolete Technologies

If there has ever been true about things, it is they come and go. Some are fleeting and some last for lifetimes. Yet they all are eventually replaced. Even technologies that feel like a staple, and are a crucial part of daily life eventually give way to new ones.

As a reminiscent and testament to our claim, we have compiled a list of obsolete and to-be-obsolete technologies. Many of these were a common household item back during their peak and their users couldn’t have fathomed replacing them at that time. Many can still be found but are about to be rendered obsolete and are fading away.

Movie rentals

There was a time when movie rentals were a weekend or sleepover staple. If you wanted to relax and have a nice, quiet time, you rented the movie. In this infographic by Statista, a strong trend can be continuously seen. From years 2012 to 2016, online movie subscription platforms can be seen increasing throughout. On the other hand, s strong and continuous decrease can be witnessed to other options like cable and stores.

It is undeniable: movie rentals are very soon going to be a thing of the past as newer generations opt for online subscriptions.

Hard drives

Floppy disks became obsolete when they were replaced by hard drives. From the looks of things, hard drives are going to be a thing of past.

Online backup services are in full swing. With newer and safer backup option like the cloud, it is understandable why this physically indestructible form of backup is replacing hard drives really fast.

Dumb phone

If you aren’t aware, these are the predecessor phones to smartphones. They do not have the added functionality of a smartphone. These phones have little or no connectivity to the internet and are used for basic phone functions like calling or messaging. Smartphones have all but replaced this old technology. From the looks of it, the only remaining contenders for this technology are old people.


Most of the households have a television – for now. Another statistic we found on Statista tells us a story that says otherwise. The chart shows a slow but observable demise in the consumption of television per individual, from years 2009 to 2018. In contrast, it can be seen clearly internet is the reason behind this. The steep gradient of internet consumption shows us that internet is being favored by individuals over TV.

As more than half the world’s population gets access to a mobile phone, they automatically get access to the internet. With this widespread availability paired with the variety of viewable content on the internet, a lethal combination results that no TV can stand against.

Not quite obsolete yet, but the end of TV is perhaps, imminent.